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Critical Facility Solar + Evaluator

The Critical Facility Solar+ Evaluator is an additional map layer and interactive mapping tool that is designed to display critical facilities in NYC where installing resilient PV (solar+storage) would be beneficial.


Accessing the Evaluator

Select the image to access the map as a dynamic interactive tool where you can toggle on and off the various layers such as the location of safety, health or food facilities. You will also have the option to add layers such as flood zones, where the grid is constrained and under served areas. Scroll in and click on the locator dots to view the analysis on the potential size pv installation the individual facilities could host.

Building the Map Layer

The Smart DG Hub formed stakeholder Working Groups to develop a suite of tools and resources that address some of the more prominent barriers to deploying resilient PV as part of the Resilient Solar Project supported by the US Department of Energy Solar Market Pathways and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. See Storage Resources

Initial screening and selection criteria for the critical facility categories was developed by the Smart DG Hub and includes facilities that provide critical community services that would especially require or benefit from backup power sources in the event of a grid outage or emergency, such as hospital and healthcare facilities, fire and public safety facilities, and more. The Sustainable CUNY IT team analyzed the pv potential of these facilities and factored in other elements such as flood zones, grid-constrained areas, solar potential, and more.